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Looking for a cost-effective and robust group savings plan for your business?


We work with companies from every industry in providing investment excellence. We can tailor a plan to suit any business at any size. The most common complaint with a standard sponsored group plan is a pittance of investment options and an utter lack of customer service and support.


We provide better options: Self-directed portable RRSPs, Vesting Pension Plans  and even Tax-Free Savings. 

Our plans encompass the ability to invest without the limitations of sponsored-plans. Our clients' plans are fully open to any investment option available. Plans can accommodate mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, as well as individual stock and bond purchases.

Step 1: Determine Plan contribution and company matching amounts

Step 2: We will prepare a and present a Plan Summary to employees (ongoing education) 

Step 3: Meet with employees, one-on-one, to set up their accounts and chose investments

Step 4: Receive batch file and funding transfer (from payroll) - ongoing

Step 5: Invest funds according to account instructions - online access provided

Step 6: Dedicated, ongoing personal support for all employees' financial needs

Additionally, our professional Advisors provide personal, one-on-one service when setting up the account, making investment choices and for ongoing financial advice. We provide personal advice on all facets of wealth management including retirement planning, education planning, tax & estate planning, insurance, banking and mortgages. A truly exemplary and rare partnership with your business - putting you and your employees in the driver's seat. 


If you are going to invest, only accept the best! Our Group Savings Plans are second to none.


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