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Our principles of Wealth Management are based on a comprehensive approach to integrated financial services‚ which includes cash‚ asset and liability management. We take a direct role in familiarizing ourselves with your entire financial position so that we may proactively prepare for life’s events rather than respond in an untimely manner. We believe timing is everything and we ensure you have every resource at your disposal to achieve financial success.

We know our clients' financial positions on a daily basis.
Our shared experience from our company’s inception in 1979 has led us to develop truly revolutionary strategies to create‚ maintain and transition wealth. We have found that the theoretical premises of asset allocation and portfolio management are only the foundation to adequately protect wealth.

Our strategic system of Income Allocation is the fundamental tool to how we allocate financial resources and has resulted in incredible success with growing our clients’ wealth.
Our primary objective is twofold - to preserve assets while growing wealth as much as possible. Our advantage is that our risks are extremely calculated. We invest only in companies and products that we fully understand and that provide a meaningful benefit to our clients.

Our research is derived from a combination of outside and in–house fundamental and technical analysis. Outside Analysts provide a baseline resource to our process‚ but typically ratings are reflection of the industry and therefore‚ we conduct the additional diligence on the individual companies.
Our in–house analysis is based on the foundation of stringent investment criteria adopted by Canadian corporate and investment banking system.

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About Us
A comprehensive approach to wealth management is where we shine. Our process involves putting cash resources to their best use‚ minimizing tax and setting distinct benchmarks and objectives for feedback. Our service excellence is attributed to frequent contact with our clients‚ forward strategies published on an ongoing basis, and determined focus on our clients’ best interests.

We develop true and meaningful partnerships with our clientele; they expect the best and we deliver it.
The philosophy of our firm has remained the same for 43 years; Create wealth for our clients through education‚ connection and action. Our clients invest in what we invest in and vice–versa.
Manulife Securities offers a competitive fee platform‚ full access to capital markets and unparalleled ethical integrity in the Canadian marketplace. Our model of full transparency‚ 24/7 online access to accounts, along with complete activity and tax reporting ensures no assets are forgotten‚ no transaction contains an error and no opportunity is wasted.
Additionally‚ our clients take comfort in that we do not receive any pressure to promote proprietary financial product, and in that we receive no preferential treatment or receive any additional compensation or reward from our dealer to motivate the sale of products as may occur in many other brokerage firms.

Fostering synergetic independence.
Our Services
Our Team
Ryan Ardron B.Sc. B.Comm (Hons)  CFP®
Senior Investment Advisor
Manulife Securities Incorporated
Life Insurance Agent
Line Brokerage Services Inc.
Dianna Yuen
Client Services Assistant
Manulife Securities Incorporated
Line Brokerage Services Inc.
Call us at 403.230.3909
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Our Office Hours
115, 1925 18 Ave NE
Calgary, AB  T2E 7T8

T: 403.230.3909
F: 587.847.3126
Monday – Thursday 
7:30AM – 3:30PM

7:30AM - 11:30AM
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